One of the reasons for introducing a separate department for engineering geology was to obtain verified geological data for our projects, and not to be dependent on third parties. Since then, our geological department has become one of the leading suppliers in this specialized field. Staffing more than 20 geologists, it has the human resources to handle larger projects on time. Its field of activities ranges from standard activities such as soil investigation reports/geotechnical analyses for civil and structural engineering and tunnel construction, to hydrogeology and consulting services during construction. Geological mapping is often done under extremely adverse conditions (e.g. in mountainous areas, under deadline pressure, using rock climbing techniques, helicopters, touring skis, mules, underground...). Exploratory campaigns are individually planned and monitored for each project and task. It goes without saying that state-of-the-art software and technology are employed.

Type of projects

  • engineering geological mapping
  • ground investigation program
  • engineering geological documentation
  • feasibility studies
  • predictions for ground conditions
  • evaluation of mineral- and ore deposits
  • hydro geological studies
  • water rights groundwater monitoring program)
  • numerical in stationary groundwater modelling
  • investigation of mass movements
  • evaluation of natural hazards
  • 2D- 3D rock fall modelling
  • environmental assessment study