Bolivia and TU Graz signed railway cooperation agreement

by ALBER Hanna

In the evening before the signing of the agreement an informal meeting was held in Graz in the presence of the Bolivian Minister of Public Works, Ing. Milton Claros Hinojosa, the Ambassador of Bolivia, DI Victor Veltze, representatives of the TU Graz and the Austrian economy. Geoconsult was there represented with Prof. Johann Golser, DI Harald Golser and Mag. Gerhard Harer.

Following the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement with Bolivia on the 13th of December 2017 Geoconsult had the possibility to present the project “Koralmbahn” and the logistic terminal “Cargo Center Graz” to the Bolivian Ministry of Public Works and the Bolivian television as best practice examples in the railway and logistics sector.


Foto: Lunghammer


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Foto: Lunghammer, TU Graz

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