Construction Supervision for Semmering Railway Base Tunnel

by FLANDERA Thomas

Geoconsult has been awarded in JV with the most eastward of the three Semmering Base Tunnel (SBT) construction lots. This lot includes construction of two single-track rail tunnels, each approximately 7,5 km long. These are being bored from the Gloggnitz portal and the Göstritz access point, and they will be linked by 16 connecting galleries, an equipment gallery and two logistics shafts. The Göstritz access point comprises an access tunnel and two 450 metre shafts. The complex construction works includes also shaft construction, building construction and roadworks, slope stabilisation, excavation, concreting,asphalting, concrete ceilings, drainage and cabling work, as well as landscaping and maintenance. Works will starts in summer 2015 and will ongoing until 2024.
The SBT is currently one of the most important large-scale infrastructure projects in Central Europe. It forms part of Austria's new southern railway, which serves as the central axis for the trans-European route between the Baltic Sea and the Adriatic (Baltic-Adriatic Corridor). With a total length of 27.3 kilometres, the SBT links the country's  Lower Austria and Steiermark regions.

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