Accompanying Services

New Construction Railway Line Munich - Verona, Northern Acces Corridor,
Section Kundl - Radfeld/Baumkirchen, Lot H7, Austria
Railwaysection with tunnel in cut & cover and mined section under compressed air,
Total length of section: ~ 5,3 km

  • Construction supervision and contract  management on behalf of the owner
  • Engineering geological documentation

Total Construction Costs: € 139 Million

Client: ÖBB (former BEG Brenner Eisenbahn GmbH)


Salzburgarena, Austria
Event hall for up to 6.700 visitors
Eliptical hall, length: 118m , 89 m wide, 24 m height
Roof construction with timber girders (9.000 m˛)

  • Construction Supervision

Total Construction Costs: € 29 Million

Client: Messezentrum Salzburg GmbH


S35 Mur Expressway, Section Stausee Zlatten - Röthelstein, Austria
Motorway section including 3 tunnels with a total length of 9,5 km, bridge objects: 1,5 km and 150 m and interchanges

  • Tender documents
  • Construction supervision, claim management and project controlling on behalf of the owner
  • Project management, healths and safety coordination

Total Construction Costs: € 210 Million



A9 Pyhrn-Motorway, Section Schön - Lainberg Nord, Austria
Motorway section including tunnel chain with 6 tunnels
Length of Lot: ~14 km; total length of tunnel: ~8,3 km
Excavated cross section: 71 m˛

  • Construction supervision on behalf of the owner
  • Tender documents for cut & cover tunnels and road construction
  • Project management, healths and safety coordination

Total Construction Costs: € 233 Million



HSR Graz - Klagenfurt, Koralmtunnel, Austria
Twin tube single track railway tunnel
Length: ~32,8 km, cross sectiont: 82 m˛
Overburden: up to 1.250 m
Construction method: TBM and NATM

  • Construction Management (Construction lots: KAT1 & KAT2)

Total Construction Costs: € 1.300 Million (Coste estimate 2010)

Client: ÖBB Infrastruktur AG


Lainzer Tunnel, Construction Lots LT 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, Austria
New Railway line section and access to Vienna mainstation including 1 mined tunnel (two single track tubes, 800 and 950 m, cross section: 70 m2 up to 220 m2) and cut & cover tunnels (four track tangular, cross section: 310 m2)
Total length of section: ~3,6 km

  • Construction Management on behalf of the owner
  • Healths and safety coordination

Total Construction Costs:  € 261,6 Million

Client: ÖBB Infrastruktur AG


Central Hidroelectrica de Machu Picchu, Peru
Hydro Power Project on Urubamba River near Cuzco, capazity: 140 MW. Depening of headrace tunnel by mixshield
Total length of Lot: ~5,3 km
Cross section: 17 - 22 m˛

  • Construction Supervision

Total Construction Costs:: € 19 Million

Client: EGEMSA (Empresa de Generacion Electrica MachuPicchu S.A.) for  IDB (Inter American Development Bank)