Coppermine Los Pelambres, Chile
Conveyor tunnel with a length of appr. 12 km

  • Geological documentation
  • Consulting during excavation

Client: Züblin Chile


Ertan Hydropower Project, China
Hydropower project with a capacity of 3.300 MW
Height of dam: 240 m
Total excavation volume: appr. 3,7 million m²
Power house cavern: 280 x 25,5 x 65 m

  • 3D numerical modell
  • Geotechnical consulting

Client: Sino-German Ertan JV Lot II


Hai Van Pass Tunnel, Vietnam
Road tunnel
Total length of project: ~ 12,2 km; Tunnel length: ~ 6,3 km
Excavation cross section: 89 m²

  • Geological/geotechnical consulting
  • Practical advice during construction and training programme

Total construction costs: € 203 Million

Client: Louis Berger International Inc., USA


E-W Expressways Project, Hanpao-Tsaotun Section, Pakuashan Tunnel, Taiwan
Twin tube, two lane expressway tunnel
Length: ~ 4,9 km (each)

  • Preliminary design
  • Hydrogeological investigation  incl. 3D-groundwater modelling
  • Site Supervision on behalf of the owner
  • Training of local engineers

Total construction costs: appr. € 80 Million

Client: Taiwan Highway Bureau


Chelopech Mine, Bulgaria

Mine upgrading project for gold and coppermine

Design and construction supervision for new access tunnel and slope stabilization

  • Detail design and trainig of local personnel
  • Detailed geotechnical 3D-monitoring system

Total construction costs: appr. € 0,5 Million

Client: Chelopech Mining Ltd.


Hydro Power Project Lehen, Austria
Hydro Power Project on the Salzach river in the City of Salzburg
Estimated capacity of hydro power plant: 14,2 MW; water drop height: 6,5 m;
water flow: 260 m²/s

  • Geological modell
  • 3D-groundwater modell
  • Hydrogeological monitoring programme

Total construction costs: appr. € 65 Million

Client: Salzburg AG


A12 Inntal-Motorway, Perjentunnel, Austria
Safety upgrade for a single-tube, two-lane motorway tunnel
Length: 2,9 km
Cross section: up to 80,1 m²

  • Preliminary design, tender design and detailed design
  • Electro-mechanical design, ventilation design and structural design
  • Consulting during construction

Total construction costs: € 0,6 Million

Client: Arlberg Straßentunnel AG


Risk & Hazard Mitigation of the Mining sector, Romania
Suggestions for redevelopment of dangerous mines. Pilot projects for Rosia Poini Mine and Baia Borsa Mine

  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Identification of pilot projects for prevention and remediation
  • Establishment of engineering and environmental guidelines for TDF
  • Design of a spill mine emergency response plan

Total construction costs: ca. € 8 Million

Client: Weltbank, Washington DC, USA


Shahid Rajaee Dam, Iran
Irrigation and Hydro Power Project with double curved arch dam
Concrete dam: 138 m
Concrete volume: 160 Million m²

  • Design of site facilities at site for cable drane, batching plant
  • Construction sequenzes for concreting of the dam
  • Geological assistance at site during excavation of dem foundation

Total construction costs: ca. € 131 Million

Client: Consortium Tablieh & Perlite Cie.


Visualization Systems, worldwide
Exact 3 dimensional model in real-time high quality
Professional and individually tailored visualization solutions for all projects tasks
(for example alternative routes, corridor investigations, etc.)

  • Traffic simulation: based on traffic planning information and represented realistically
  • Flood simulation: the results of hydraulic studies can be portrayed realistically including animated water

Client: ÖBB, ASFINAG, and others