Being an independent and private agency of consulting engineers Geoconsult has succeeded in a broad field of tasks since 1973. This successful  development is based on a deep fascinating interest of various scopes of design and a huge variety of possible solutions to numerous challenges, which actually made Erich Hackl and Johann Golser found this company.  Originally they focused on assignments in soil and rock mechanics, underground construction and geologic engineering. In the course of time, these areas of expertise were complemented by further faculties as transport, constructive engineering, mining, hydraulic engineering, flood control & protection and electrical engineering.
Diversity was a hallmark from the very beginning, and eventually led our enterprise to operating worldwide; projects were dealt with in the single regions initially, but soon further sites were established to work globally.
In 1976 Geoconsult Germany was generated on the authority of project work in regard to the Underground being then built  in Munich. After successful train projects in Algeria, traffic planning and management emerged quickly as a branch of its own in 1979. Moreover, two years later, new orders and duties called for the new site in Atlanta/Georgia, projects in Taiwan necessarily led to our office in Taipei in 1985. The chronology of further foundation around the world witnesses as follows: Sao Paulo/ Brazil in 1985, Vienna/Austria in 1989 and Bratislava, Slovakia in 1992, Singapore in 1999, Santiago/Chile in 2005, Bucharest/Romania in 2007, Delhi/Gurgaon in 2007 and finally Buenos Aires/Argentina in 2008 being the latest establishment