Mining activities and mining operations worldwide work in an environment of permanent changes caused by many influencing factors: fluctuations in prices, changes in operational or environmental regulations and the ongoing technological development towards automation. Digitalization in mining and electrification of underground machine park are present challenges for the mining industry that need to be faced and ultimately turned into value.
Geoconsult is a reliable partner for the mining industry providing support with its competence in mining and environmental engineering, processing-knowledge and experience in geotechnics. Geoconsult is also well-positioned to lead the way with solutions that help excelling in operational monitoring, improvement in productivity - be it for production or mine-development – and finally in improving mining-systems, mine-equipment and mine-layouts. Optimization of green- and brownfield operations – both open pit and underground mine – is done by using state-of-the-art technology and -methods including but not limited to:

  • slope-stability analysis and simulation for pits and mine dumps
  • development and application of monitoring concepts
  • geotechnical monitoring, evaluation and interpretation of data
  • prediction of ground- and system-behaviour for underground and open pit mines
  • risk and hazards evaluation workshops
  • risk assessment and risk management analysis
  • OEE- and equipment-assessments for increase in equipment-productivity and -efficiency
  • studies of alternative mining concepts such as in-pit crushing and conveying
  • design and support of mine-rehabilitation
  • participation in plant and mining-system planning and engineering reviews from a perspective of mining and processing-experts
  • audit and evaluation of existing mining systems for operational improvement

With a strong customer-focus we can provide flexible support and add value to your mining-project or your mining-operation.


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