We at Geoconsult definitely conceive each project holistically and look at each matter in its entirety while we attend to our clients comprehensively in diverse disciplines. We are at the same time peremptorily willing to act according to the latest standard of knowledge which is continuously scrutinized. It is one of our foremost goals and professional precepts to shape and mold actively both procedures and progressing methods. We take the contribution to national as well as international organizations - such as consignments or alliances – for granted.

Challenge & Mission

The growth of the world population, the changes in climate which have caused shortage of crops, raw materials and energy, all contribute simultaneously to represent the conditions of our globalized economy. All these matters and more call for holistic approaches and solutions.
One of the requirements most frequently encountered is the improvement of existing infrastructures or the provision for new more modern ones.
Making transport, supply and disposal systems available to a growing number of users, as well as helping with the production of energy and the exploration of natural resources without impairing the environment as a whole, has become a necessity.
Providing cutting-edge technologies in the engineering sector, keeping them in balance with the environment and using these technologies in an optimized interdisciplinary manner, is the goal we have set ourselves.
Geoconsult provides consulting and engineering services worldwide. It is active in all fields where civil engineering and geosciences are employed for the benefit of mankind.
Our key personnel is well adapted to environmental and cultural differences through the extensive experience gained in often long-term assignments, in most regions of the globe.
Together with our clients and partners, we at Geoconsult search for and find solutions to new challenges
Through critical examination of scientific developments the implementation of new techniques and an understanding of the connections between human needs and the environment, we at Geoconsult have gained the knowledge of economic and organizational matters, enabling us to offer solutions for the most complex of problems.
Protecting our living space – the earth – is always our prime objective. In engineering today, new methods and techniques allow increasingly ambitious projects to be realized.
This is coupled with a growing emphasis on safety, the optimization of budgets and adherence to schedules.
From the outset of any project, the protection of nature and the environment is carefully observed.
Linking the know-how of various disciplines is paramount to prevent or limit any further damage to our natural environment. At Geoconsult, nature and the environment are constant companions.