Geotechnics & Tunnelling

As one of the world's leading tunnel consultancy specialists, Geoconsult has provided services to owners and contractors for over 1500 underground projects in the fields of transportation, energy, mining, water supply and disposal, civil defence and other applications.
Our scope of activity encompasses the full range of underground construction, in all conceivable ground conditions from soft ground such as sands and clays, through slope debris, weathered or faulted rock, to solid hard rock.
Our staff is also fully experienced in both conventional tunnelling methods, and in mechanical shield and TBM excavation.
Special expertise exists in supplementary technologies such as compressed air, ground freezing, grouting and jet grouting.
Geoconsult enjoys worldwide recognition for the development of the New Austrian Tunnelling Method and has applied it in many countries successfully. Many publications produced by Geoconsult’s staff, bear evidence to the continuing efforts to improve the state of the art in tunnelling.