Water & Environment

There is no life without water – the importance of water does not need to be explained. The ways in which water can be used is endlessly diverse, and carry the potential that makes water so vital.
Man has been occupied with all these forms since the beginning of times. We offer our services in conjunction with measuring and analysis, storage and utilization, as well as modelling in all areas involving engineers, geologists and hydro geologists.
Our services are provided in key areas of water management such as hydro-logy, the ground and surface water balance, in planning hydropower stations, river control and flood protection, hazard zone planning, as well as expert opinions, for environmental impact assessments and in accompanying hydro technical planning for infrastructure projects, etc.
The need to deal with contaminated soil and groundwater has become a major environmental issue. Preparing progressive solutions for such problems requires the combined efforts of specialists from various disciplines.
Together with environmental and chemical engineers, the specialists at Geoconsult provide services in the fields of remedial action, property assessment, hazardous waste management, landfill design, water protection, environmental impact studies and risk assessment.
In addition, groundwater studies concerning drinking water supply, areas of ground-water protection and mathematical groundwater modelling can be undertaken.